damaged speakers

How Do You Know If Your Speakers Are Damaged?

The audio system greatly helps the people who drive the car and it acts as a friend sitting and singing for you.

This audio system prevents the driver from getting tired as it constantly sings or speaks something based upon the tuned frequency.

Altogether without an audio system in a car, it is sure the travel time will be entirely boring. Such an extensive friendly device will also fall into issues at certain times.

The first issue arises from the speakers of audio system but the driver may not realize their car speakers are damaged.

But, actually it is very easy to diagnose the blown speaker symptoms. So, to make people learn how to diagnose it easily here are some hints which are explained clearly.

damaged speakers

Signs of a broker speaker

Here are the steps who will illustrate the easy way to diagnose the blown speaker.

Increase the volume slowly

At first just turn on the audio system of the car, then slowly increase the volume, if you there is a fuzz or hissing sound heard then it is sure the speakers are damaged.

Testing the range of the system

The next step can be very easy form to detect the blown speaker symptoms. It is the user has to test the range of the system and for that selecting any strong bass sound exhibiting songs is essential.

So, it can be selected from either CD or MP3 player of the audio system. When it is under performance and if it is not exhibiting high frequency then it is sure it is one of the important signs of blown speaker.

damaged speakers

Checking the bass treble

The next step which can be performed after testing the bass frequency will be assessing the bass and treble of the system deeply. It can be assessed by pointing at the middle of the range.

Listening to the sound

It is very important to listen to the sound to find whether there us any rattling or crackling noise. If there is any then it is sure the system is facing issues.


These are the few steps which can be followed and the car’s speakers are damaged then you need to take the further actions and you must take at the earlier stage itself to resolve the issues easily or else your need spend much money.

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